“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” ~Aristotle

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bring on the Talent Revolution

The Secret to Becoming Extraordinary

Today, one of our student-athletes (I'll call him Bob) told me about a personal training session he had over the weekend.
Well, sort of. What came out of his mouth was more important than I think either one of us realize. I listened intently, only to find out that Bob came away from the workout in AWE of another student-athlete that was working out in the same gym. He spoke excitedly of the FREAKISH athleticism of the  college bound Oklahoma hoops prospect.

I agree that the Student-Athlete we were discussing is pretty smart and athletic (I've known him for years). But, I couldn't help but wonder if Bob was misplacing his own personal hoop dreams into the hands of a personal trainer and/or marginalizing his own potential. That would be a mistake. Has Bob thought about how many hours the college bound student-athlete has invested in the gym and how his work has paid off. Or, did Bob give thought to so called freak's commitment to performance in the classroom? It's a great situation to ponder and consider because the kid is athletic, he is smart, and he has invested time developing his talent. That is the unknown quotient for most, the student-athletes desire and work ethic? It's the blood, sweat, and tears that make the difference.

What Bob doesn't know is that we have kids in our program that are as awe-struck by his athleticism as he is by the FREAK. In fact, I am personally openly jealous of Bob's athleticism. If I would've had Bob's FREAKISH athleticism when I was a student-athlete, Wow, I woulda...

You can, and he can too, if your "will" to do it, rises.  To be Extraordinary, I mean. Extraordinary desire, leads to Extraordinary will, leads to Extraordinary skill. And isn't that what we really mean by FREAK on the court? There are a lot of freakish athletes in the NBA  But, there is only one Kevin Durant. You've probably heard the stories about KD hanging out at the gym as a kid. He took naps there and mom brought his meals to the gym. That is unusual in today's culture to say the least. Some might even call it extreme. Or maybe, KD just had a dream and was extraordinarily focused on living his dream.

A college professor once told me, "You can do anything you want to in life. But, you can not do everything." The Lesson: Stop trying to be like everybody else. Pursue your Dream. Pay the Price. Ask yourself, Would that be a bad thing? Would being "UNCOMMON" be worth becoming a FREAK?  If you were known as EXCEPTIONALLY skilled and learned, would you be OK with being called a basketball skill freak? Maybe you should start a personal Talent Revolution today and Master Your Game - On the Court and in the Classroom. Become Extraordinary!

Or, maybe as Michael Jordan says, "Become Legendary"! What do you think?

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