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Saturday, June 16, 2012

DWADE VS FatherTime

DWADE VS FatherTime

A Lesson in the NOW for Student-Athletes

NBA Finals: GAME 1 DWYANE WADE: Post Game Press Conference

When probed by a sports journalist about his performance and any concern he might have about his ability to still seize opportunity, Wade replied, "One day it’ll happen,...Father Time will knock on the door and tap me on the shoulder. But, NOT right now!"


Statement made. Wade abruptly ended the interview-Pushing himself up and away from the open mic, he  left the stage. His body language and attitude spoke volumes that he was "In the Now" and off to work with Game 2 and the 2012 Finals the mission in mind.

Though Father Time's clock is ticking, Wade's 'right now' is all about the end of a season. He is obviously a focused athlete - Embracing the challenge before him, 100% focus on Seizing the Opportunity of the NOW!

What about you? For most basketball players the Off-Season is the right now. And that "right now" is really what determines who gets to their personal FINALS. Because for every Student-Athlete, regardless of the sport you compete in, 'The Finals' is about you playing up too and beyond your potential next year.

A WORD to Student-Athletes/Class of 2013:  Like with DWADE, FatherTime may not walk up and knock on your door today, BUT, he is watching and his clock is ticking. So, what are you going to do with your opportunity to get better today?

The 2013 HS and college playoffs start in less than 249 days. For FatherTime and DWADE that is "RIGHT NOW"!  Press conference OVER. DWADE doing work. What about You?

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