“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” ~Aristotle

Monday, October 15, 2012

THE GRIND: Rated NL for Mature Audiences


Do you know "HOW TO" get there? We're talking PRACTICE. CHAMPIONSHIP PRACTICE! Do you know what it takes to reach your personal or team goals? Do you know what it takes to get to the "Next Level" and succeed. Do you know what it takes to reach your potential, to OVERACHIEVE or to win a Championship? The secret is is in THE GRIND. Do you know how to embrace The GRIND?

You might know? Then again, you might not know Diddlley.

Every player wants to get in the game. And some players do what it takes Pursuing the Fun enough to get by at their level. Then their are a few - A very few that Live for the GRIND, Pursue Their Dream, and THE NEXT LEVEL. Which Player are YOU? Do You Know?

We can all be Students of the Game and The GRIND! IF you want to know - YOU CAN!

"Bo Knows" was a NIKE advertising campaign that featured professional baseball and American football player Bo Jackson. The add goes "Bo knows baseball" and "Bo knows football." Even, "Bo knows basketball." Jackson was the first athlete in the modern era to play both professional baseball and football in the same year. Hal McRae, Player/Coach for the KC Royals in 1987 and observed his practice habits. He said, 'It takes time for a guy to learn how to get into the daily grind. Not just Bo, but all young kids.' Bo learned the Daily GRIND - He knew! And you can too!

Lesson 1: Learn the Grind!

"Brooks Knows" Oklahoma City Thunder Coach, Scott Brooks talks about Kevin Durant's GRIND: "He practices every day as if he is the worst player in the league." 

"Lyndsey Knows" Former Division 1 point guard Lyndsey Fennelly writes about Championship Practice in her blog post "Becoming a Champion." Noting attention to Oklahoma City Thunder Coach, Scott Brooks' observations about Kevin Durant practice habits - Lyndsey writes, "KD doesn't approach his game with a 'too cool', or 'I know it all', or even, 'I'm one of the best players in the league, so I'll just take today off'. He understands that continual improvement requires a daily grind." Lyndsey Meadors Fennelly played D1 basketball at Iowa State. She is the daughter-in-law of NCAA Division 1 Head Coach Bill Fennelly. If you want to know more - Read her full post HERE.

Lesson 2: Bring Your Grind Everyday

"Jon Gordon Knows" In Training Camp, a Playbook about what the Best Do Better Than the Rest,
Gordon shares what he learned during his GRIND which calls "His Training Camp in Life." He discovered that the best of the best, whether they're a athlete, teacher, coach or parent, etc, share similar success characteristics.

Jon shared 10 Tips to Be Your Best from TRAINING CAMP in a post on his BLOG (Read it Here) and issues a WARNING in TIP #3
"The fact is: Past success does not determine future success. Future success is the result of how you work and prepare and practice and how you strive to improve every day."
Lesson 3: Study Their GRIND | Copy the Best

I am not talking about studying KD's  Grindtography below! But, If you spent time in the gym like he does, you might earn the right to Grindtography!

"Alan Knows KD" Alan Stein, CCS, CSCS,, had the opportunity to work with KD when he was a Junior at Oak Hill Academy. Coach Stein is a student of the game and one of the best Next Level Trainers in the world.  I challenge you to read and study the list: 15 Things You Can Learn from Kevin Durant HERE on iHoops. Hopefully, you will see, We can Study KD's GRIND by reading, studying, and by making an attempt to copy any or all of the 15 Lessons Alan shows us. Remember, "Alan Knows KD" and the Next Level GRIND. Hopefully you will learn it too.

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